Different Matter 
The fashion fibre market is dominated by two fibres, cotton and polyester. There are many alternative fibres available. Fast fashion is making us consume more items and less intelligently. ‘Different Matter.’ is a categorised garment hanging system for a sample sale or pop-up store scenario. It encourages consumers to understand and be more intelligent about the materials they buy. Categorising the materials in an obvious way means the browsing customer does not have to search for the label within the garment to understand the material type. This is achieved through the use of sustainably sourced materials, organised and constructed to offer a green solution to wider green issue.
Solitary Sequence
Utilising the increasing number of urban agriculture sites, that create an archipelago of foraging, as a vehicle for a solitary pollinator conservation project. Having healthy pollinators is key to the success of organic urban agriculture and the success of urban agriculture is the future key to saving urban pollinators. Linking urban grower sites with manageable and maintainable solitary pollinator nesting will give these pollinators and increased range from nest to multiple foraging sites.The message I am trying to get across is that healthy pollinators mean healthy food. Food, serving as the direct visible benefit to society’s conservation efforts.
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