Product Design - UX User Experience - Packaging Design
BA hons Design Products is a university course in Product Design at Ravensbourne, in Greenwich, London.  Design Products explores how people interact with the world around them and how we can use that knowledge to design better products and experiences for everyone.
Design Products focuses on developing well-rounded individuals with the skills and knowledge to produce both digital and physical products. You will work on creating and evaluating new ideas and turning them into tangible inventions and products that meet customer demands. In developing new product design ideas, you will study aesthetics and sustainability as well as manufacturing through prototyping and basic electronics.
As a product design graduate you will be well prepared to pursue a wide range of careers in product design, package design, service design, and advertising, including prototyping and manufacturing, toys and games, consumer gadgets, design for financial services, user experience (UX), sports performances devices, home wares, medical devices, and product packaging.​​​​​​​
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