STACK is a lighting frame that allows fresh herbs or regular plants to grow indoors where there is insufficient sunlight. It is designed to adapt into a lighting system to suit diverse interior environment. With a range of three sizes, this gives the opportunity to choose how you want to stack your plants. On the counter, floor or wall, this can sit on it’s own or as a compilation. With the additional benefit of improved air quality as well as creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere indoors.
Social Reset
Social Reset is set of signal block boxes which aims to help people reconsider their relationship with digital technologies and create more valuable moments with each other. The box serves as a symbolic feature that is used in the home. The idea gives the user a chance to use the box as much as they need, it is designed to be implemented in their daily lives as a form of ritual. Social resets objective is to hopefully reconnect people without the use of digital connectivity and bring back the art of conversation.
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