After volunteering in Dunkirk and calais unofficial refugee camps it became apparent how important the access to light at night is. Creating off grid energy to power lights is important for helping to create safety and security for people living and working in refugee camps. My solution is a Wind Up street light. Being able to power the light through Wind Up mechanisms gives people a sense of ownership over the light and energy they are producing. Wind-up technology comprises of simple parts making it easy to assemble and cheap to manufacture which is a key when designing for the humanitarian sector.
As people seek to ‘optimise’ themselves to live more effectively, our mood can have affect our ability to concentrate and work at our best. Research has shown how scent can have a positive effect on our mood. This portable usb fragrance device aims to help people use air fragrance to feel the positive effects of fragrance whether at work, in the car or at home. I chose materials to create a unique finish creating an object of desire. The usb also acts as a storage device giving the product a second use, even when the fragrance has finished.
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