Designed after analysing a cluster of data and research that I’ve done with people with arthritis. There are lots of different types of mobility cutlery. They’re not aesthetically pleasing, and usually look institutional and depressing. Dignity is very important for people with mobility needs. To maintain dignity it is important to have self-respect and the ability to respect others. People who have mobility problems have to use something completely different from everyone. This leads to embarrassment. The whole family can use this set, so nobody stands out feeling humiliated.
Opus, is an ambient lighting solution for creative office spaces, aiming to improve well-being and to encourage togetherness within the office environment. Opus lights are connected and controlled by one main switch. To ensure that no one interrupts the natural rhythms that should be followed. There are many benefits to this design. It follows the circadian rhythm and therefore keeps the body clock working healthily as it should. Also, it works as a visual clock. It indicates when it’s the best time to do activities, with colour changes in the ripple design of the diffuser.
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