Kodo is a contemporary aroma clock, designed to release a range of essential oils depending on the time of day. Incense clocks were used in China and Japan to create a sense of relaxation and calm, in both temples and homes. They were often intricate and beautiful; something that you would have on display. A segmented fragrance tray is located inside, which sits above a small heated element. Every six hours the motor turns the tray 90 degrees, releasing a new fragrance into the room, signifying the passing of time. 
Terra is a vermicomposting unit designed for urban living. People actively recycle waste materials, but only a handful recycle their food waste. Terra uses its unique sliding tray system which means no direct contact with earth or worms is needed. Terra has been designed to be situated in a kitchen, garden or balcony, allowing people the opportunity to compost in a clean and easy way wherever they may live. The planters at the front require no maintenance, as the nutrients and water would be extracted directly from the unit. 
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