The air fresher that keeps you productive while working or studying. With students continuing to be stressed out with workloads from educational institutions AROMA can helps to alleviate stress and encourage concentration through the use of specific essential oils. The diffuser provides the ability to work as a regular air freshener or as a study timing guide that works in accordance to the pomodoro technique which is all about time management allowing the user to work effectively and efficiently to help manage stress levels.
Prohale is an ergonomically designed dry powder inhaler that is used in conjunction with an app called Breath. This allow asthma suffers to take control of their condition by staying on top of their medication. The app gives the user the ability to input an action plan and set alarms which act as a constant reminder to keep the user on track with their medication. A visual representation of the content of the inhaler is shown through the app so users are able to see the number of doses available and how regularly they are taking their medication over a period of time.
Collaboration with Bradley Humphrey and Storm Jude
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