The idea of Flow is replacing the water that we transport in cleaning products as more than 90% of cleaning products main component is water. Flow is designed to make 10% of the chemicals into granulated form where we can mix water and the chemicals with water at home. The design is there to reduce the amount of waste that is created when using spray cleaners as you only have one bottle and three different cleaners with Multi surface, kitchen and bathroom cleaners. This idea has the potential to save the user money and also has consideration of the environment in terms of waste.
Prohale is an ergonomically designed dry powder inhaler that is used in conjunction with an app called Breath. This allow asthma suffers to take control of their condition by staying on top of their medication. The app gives the user the ability to input an action plan and set alarms which act as a constant reminder to keep the user on track with their medication. A visual representation of the content of the inhaler is shown through the app so users are able to see the number of doses available and how regularly they are taking their medication over a period of time.
Simplex was designed as part of a competition brief for lighting for tomorrow. The brief was to design a lamp that used LED Filament Light bulbs. Simplex is formed from taking lighting to it simplest form which is the light bulb, the design emphasizes the light bulb with a diffuser that lets the user see the individual LEDs that are formed in the LED filament light bulb giving the lamp a complexity with the engineering of the LED Light bulb.
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