Bloom, reed diffuser: Allowing artificial flowers to smell real, or heighten the smell of your real flowers with the use of essential oil. The design works by splitting into two, and held together with magnets. This allows for one half to be filled with the essential oil and the other half to be filled with water, so that the halves can be refilled at different times to each other. Bloom is designed intended to look like a vase, to ensure that if the user choses to use artificial flowers it will pull off a more realistic look.
Theo the turtle
Theo the turtle is a bath/pool toy for young children who are struggling learning to find their confidence around water; it tackles anxiety and fearfulness. By having a tube running from his shell to his mouth the child is encouraged to blow through the hole on his shell creating bubbles from his mouth. This is a fun way to get young children to put their face near the water and relax! By using Theo at bath time it allows the child to build a bond with him, therefore feeling more calmer when bringing him to swimming lessons.
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