Oral- B Flat
The new Oral- B Flat removes the existing hard to squeeze dead space in toothpaste containers, which reduces the amount of toothpaste being wasted. This design also joins the cardboard packaging and toothpaste tube into one body which reduces waste, distribution costs, and Manufacturing cost. The design also gives consumers the ability to extract toothpaste out of the tube with ease, all the way to the point where the toothpaste is almost finished, distinguishing all those frustrations consumers get when they have to battle getting the last drop of toothpaste
This flex RazorBrush gives the user the ability to replace one head with another efficiently and effectively. The Razor brush is also designed to reduce plastic waste. The handle is kept by users for as long as they want but the razor and brush head is the only disposable part. With this approach, I’m able to reduce and slow down the amount of plastic that’s being wasted. The Flex RazorBrush comes with a service that allows users to edit when they would like their next toothbrush or razor head to be sent to them.
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