OMU is a set of smart cups which aim to connect people through the effortless act of drinking warm drinks. Targeted towards millennial families, this product is designed to support togetherness within the shared home environment, by encouraging small, daily acts of kindness. Due to the immersion of technology in our day-to-day lives families are drifting apart and are not as close as they used to be. This product aims to reconnect them by simply encouraging short and kind encounters between the people within the shared home. This could be as effortless as offering to make someone a drink.
For the day is a healthy, fast food service, offering honest meal solutions, for busy office workers, who want to achieve a deeper understanding of what they feed their bodies. The food is delivered in vibrant pharmaceutical-like packaging, which reflects the ‘medicinal’ benefits the brand has to offer. This product was created as response to the ‘Health In A Hurry’ brief, for the Student Starpack 2017 Competition and was the winner of the Bronze Award.  
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